Skincare routine

Dealing with skin redness and irritation is never fun, especially when it results in itchy, dry skin or a breakout. But are you faced with upset skin because your skin type is sensitive, or is a more temperamental skin condition at play, making your skin sensitised? Let’s ...
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When we say myth, we’re not talking about a tale from Ancient Greece about gods and folklore. No, we’re talking about widely held but false beliefs or ideas that circulate about situations, objects or occurrences. Perhaps because acne is one of the most common skin condi...
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We’ve all heard it before - the age-old myth that chocolate can cause a dreaded acne breakout. With Easter coming up, the annual holiday synonymous with enjoying a few chocolate treats, we wanted to explore this in a bit more detail. Surely there’s some truth to this rum...
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When you suffer from acne, whether it’s a few spots on your chin or more than a few, all you want to do is discover the cause and do what you can to fix it. However, despite there being over 600 million acne sufferers around the globe, the cause of acne hasn’t been narro...
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The start of September marks the beginning of spring in the southern hemisphere, and here at Epiology we are all for it! As the flowers begin to bloom and the sun finally shows itself, our household routines often involve a bit of spring-cleaning. At Epiology, however, we wo...
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Foods to feed your skin

January 23, 2020
While Epiology works on the outside to control acne bacteria and reduce skin redness, leaving your skin nourished and clear, there are some key foods you can add to your diet that will help your skin from the inside: Berries Not only are berries a healthy sweet mouthful, the...
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