Sensitive skin

Dealing with skin redness and irritation is never fun, especially when it results in itchy, dry skin or a breakout. But are you faced with upset skin because your skin type is sensitive, or is a more temperamental skin condition at play, making your skin sensitised? Let’s ...
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There’s no denying it; Christmas season is here, so it’s time to put up the Christmas tree, place a few presents underneath, crank up the Christmas music and celebrate with loved ones. While this sounds like a good time, in reality December is often filled with attending...
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So you have your skincare routine sorted; you regularly use Epiology’s 3 step system (we hope!), cleansing and moisturising two to three times daily depending on what your skin prefers. But if we look deeper at the first step, cleansing, there are plenty of variables to co...
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Acne and sensitive skin

October 2, 2020
When you’ve got sensitive skin, suddenly lots of common skincare ingredients are off the table. Fragrance? Forget it. Parabens? Nope. Synthetics? You get the picture. What is sensitive skin? Sensitive skin is often characterised by inflammation and occurs when the nerve en...
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