It’s time to workout, not breakout

We all know exercising and keeping our bodies moving is key to a healthy, balanced lifestyle and even better, it can provide great skin benefits too. But whether you’re doing yoga, HIIT, running or playing your favourite sport, workouts can lead to unwanted breakouts if you don’t look out for your skin.

Don’t give up, throw away your sneakers and flop on the sofa just yet though; there are actions you can take to minimise workout-related pimples and be skin confident.

Why is exercise incredible for your skin?

The list of exercise benefits is certainly long, but in skin terms exercise helps nourish skin cells by increasing blood flow, carrying oxygen and nutrients throughout your body. This blood flow also helps carry away waste products like free radicals.

Finding a form of exercise that you love can also ease stress, one possible cause of acne breakouts.

Stop the sweat-related spots

Check out the following steps you can take pre, during and post workout to prevent unwanted spots:

Pre-workout prep

When you’re getting ready to hit the gym or the tennis court, prep your skin by taking off any make-up with our Anti-Acne Foaming Cleanser to prevent it from blocking your pores. If you have long hair, tie it up off your face as it can trap sweat.

Having the right gear is important – those shorts are sweat-wicking for a reason! Clothing should be clean (as should your sweat towel!) and loose-fitting which will allow your skin to breathe easier, particularly if you struggle with bacne.

Plus, if you’re heading outside be sure to slap on that SPF. If you’re worried about sunscreen blocking pores, have a read of our guide to choosing a sunscreen that’s right for you.

During the workout

Our biggest tip here is to avoid touching your face with your hands while training. Your hands will pick up bacteria and dirt from gym and sports equipment which you DEFINITELY don’t want on your face. Use your sweat towel to wipe away that pesky perspiration!

Water is also your friend, as staying hydrated will keep your skin looking fresh and healthy.

After the workout

So your sweat sesh is complete? It’s time to hit the showers. Continuing onto other activities in your sweaty gear is a hard no. Your clothes will be harbouring all the good and bad bacteria sweated out from your skin, so when you sit around in those clothes the bacteria are sitting there too.

After you shower, return moisture to your skin with Epiology’s Advanced Anti-Acne Cream, designed to naturally soothe and leave your skin feeling clearer.

Keep these tips in mind when you next work up a sweat, and hopefully you can break up with your workout breakouts!


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