Sensitive vs. sensitised skin – what’s the difference?

Dealing with skin redness and irritation is never fun, especially when it results in itchy, dry skin or a breakout. But are you faced with upset skin because your skin type is sensitive, or is a more temperamental skin condition at play, making your skin sensitised?

Let’s explore the possible answers!

Sensitive skin

We all know that sensitive skin refers to skin that is easily irritated. But have you been experiencing that irritation, itching and swelling consistently throughout your life? Or does it come and go?

If you’re the former, you are likely the proud owner of sensitive skin (and yes, you should be proud!). Rooted in your genetic make-up, it can often be linked to other conditions like allergies and asthma, or even your hormones. Sensitive skin types often have less pigment in their skin as well, which means less of a protective barrier for your skin. This can make it hard for it to retain moisture, and keep pollutants out.

While you can’t change your skin type, it can be easily managed – we’ll touch on that soon.

Sensitised skin

On the other side of the coin, sensitised skin is a condition triggered by environmental and lifestyle factors like diet, stress, those tricky UV rays, seasonal change, medication, or harsh skincare products.

It can happen to anyone, but knowing your triggers means you can avoid future issues; it’s about getting to know what makes your skin happy, and what doesn’t.

Help is at hand

So now you have more of an idea whether you’re dealing with sensitive or sensitised skin, what can you do to calm your upset skin?

One of the key causes of sensitivity is an overload of skincare products. While you may think five different serums, ten active ingredients, exfoliating scrubs and toners and the rest will help clear your skin, they may in fact do the opposite.

Truthfully, our skin can create its own barrier to keep irritants out, so we recommend working with your skin, rather than against it.

Whether you have sensitive or sensitised skin, you may benefit from adding Epiology into your daily skincare routine. We keep it simple with our 3 step system:

  1. The Anti-Acne Foaming Cleanser gently cleanses your skin, and is proven to prevent the spread of bacteria, removing oil and leaving your skin clean and smooth.
  2. Our Advanced Anti-Acne Cream works to reduce redness and irritation, focusing on hydrating and nourishing your skin.
  3. If your sensitive or sensitised skin has a pimple or two, pick up a tube of our Extra Strength Spot Gel and apply to any hot spots.

When your skin is troubled, sometimes you need to bring in the ‘big guns.’ Our Recovery Mask does what the name says – it rescues and restores your skin, protecting against the effects of environmental free radicals.


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