Spring clean your skincare routine

The start of September marks the beginning of spring in the southern hemisphere, and here at Epiology we are all for it! As the flowers begin to bloom and the sun finally shows itself, our household routines often involve a bit of spring-cleaning.

At Epiology, however, we would like to see you building a regular “spring-cleaning” habit into your skincare routine.  Wondering what this might entail? Check out the areas we recommend focusing your energies on:

Towels and linen

The cleanliness of your towels and bed linen is important both for your general health and for your skin. Just think, your skin probably comes into contact with these two fabrics more frequently than anything else, so they should be clean to prevent the spread of acne-causing bacteria.

Change out your towels regularly (we recommend at least once a week), particularly your facecloths as after a few days they’ll be harbouring plenty of bacteria, dirt, grime, dead-skin cells and sweat – what a picture!

With your pillow cases, it’s best to change them every few days, sleeping on one side then flipping it over and sleeping on the other side. Once each side has been slept on, take off the pillow case and put on a clean one. For those with problem acne, it might need to be every two days, with a night on each side.


While you’re in the spring-cleaning frame of mind, turn your eye to your make-up bag or drawer. Make-up has a shelf life and most items shouldn’t be kept any longer than one year; you can check the back of each product to see how long they should be kept after opening.

The danger is that as products age, they host greater numbers of bacteria which can lead to clogged pores and potentially pimples. Keep track of how long you’ve had your go-to items – if you can’t remember when you bought them it’s probably been too long.


While we’re talking about cleaning items that come into close contact with your skin, it’s important to mention the device that we are all very connected to – your smartphone. Putting your phone to your face can transfer dirt and bacteria that’s living on your phone screen straight onto your skin. Not ideal! Give your screen a daily wipe with an antibacterial agent made for surface-cleaning to reduce the risk of breaking out.

Skincare routine

Once you’ve got all that sorted out, we recommend using the change of season as an excuse to get into a good skincare routine. At Epiology we make it easy to keep your skin happy and healthy with our 3-step system.

Start with our Anti-Acne Foaming Cleanser to remove oil and leave skin feeling clean and smooth. Then, grab a tube of our Advanced Anti-Acne Cream with its unique triple action to prevent acne, improve skin clarity and reduce redness, leaving skin soft, nourished and hydrated.

Follow up the cream by treating individual spots with the Extra Strength Spot Gel, which penetrates deeply to prevent the formation of pimples and reduce scarring.


Once you’ve had a busy day of spring-cleaning, take a rest and recharge with our Advanced Anti-Acne Recovery Mask. It’s a luxurious anti-acne mask that is also designed to rescue and restore skin, maintain a youthful appearance and protect against the effects of summer sun and environmental free radicals.


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