Dear customers, 

Please be advised that during the nationwide lockdown in New Zealand, postage and courier services are being limited to essential service businesses and so we won't be able to deliver orders out to you around New Zealand or internationally.  

New Zealand customers can still buy Epiology in Unichem, Life and Green Cross pharmacies who are open as an essential service. To all of our online customers, we will resume shipping out orders just as soon as the lockdown ends and shipping options become available. We are still monitoring our email and phones so please do get in touch if you'd like clarification on your particular circumstances.

We offer heartfelt thanks for your patience and support at this difficult time.

Please stay safe and healthy and follow the guidance provided by government.

Get skin confident with Epiology

Pimples are a common occurrence for many people, but there's no reason to let them bring down your skin confidence.

Dermatologist recommended and specially formulated for sensitive skin, Epiology controls acne-causing bacteria while reducing skin redness

Produced in nature, Epiology's active ingredient IDP® is a powerful defensive shield against infection, penetrating deep into the pores of stubborn spots to target acne bacteria and reduce redness and irritation, leaving skin nourished and clear


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