While the pandemic continues to affect our everyday lives in 2022, so does the unwelcome side-effect of mask-wearing: maskne. Maskne refers to the skin issues, irritation and acne experienced on the lower face due to wearing a mask, especially for prolonged periods of time. ...
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While it’s easy to ask Google about the basics of acne and how to handle your skincare issues, it’s always best to talk to the professionals. That’s why we recently caught up with leading professional dermatologist Dr Lola Alvarez, who is based in Mexico with clinics i...
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Maskne - it's a thing!

January 11, 2022
When we talk about face masks, at Epiology we’re usually talking about our Anti-Acne Recovery Mask. However, in 2021 the world is talking a lot about another kind of mask – the one that’s designed to keep us safe during the pandemic. With many people around New Zealand...
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So you have your skincare routine sorted; you regularly use Epiology’s 3 step system (we hope!), cleansing and moisturising two to three times daily depending on what your skin prefers. But if we look deeper at the first step, cleansing, there are plenty of variables to co...
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