Unisex skincare - Can you make it work?

Newsflash: Men and women are different.

So it makes sense that their skin is different too. Male skin is typically thicker (up to 20%) and oilier than females, and they are more prone to severe acne. Females also tend to lose moisture in their skin faster than males.
Acne in males and females

Acne is caused when hair follicles become blocked with sebum (oil) and dead skin cells, often causing whiteheads, blackheads and acne on the face, chest and back.

The formation of acne is the same between males and females, and treatment works by killing the bacteria that blocks pores and causes pimples.

Acne is common among both males and females, but can emerge at different times or in different places. Females often experience acne during the pre-teen and adult years, while males usually develop acne later on in the teenage years and it’s likely to be more severe, often cropping up on the face, back and shoulders.

To prevent acne, both males and females need:

  • A regular skincare routine to cleanse, moisturise and spot-treat acne
  • Products that contain no fragrances or irritant
  • Light, oil-free formulations
  • Moisture and protection from the sun

Epiology is unisex

Epiology is a unisex product specially formulated to prevent acne for male and female skin. Its magic ingredient, IDP®, is produced in nature and acts as a natural shield to control bugs and prevent the spread of acne-causing bacteria. IDP®’s proteins are the natural defense proteins isolated from fresh, pasteurised milk.

IDP®’s first lines of defense are its antioxidant and antimicrobial activity, and its second line of defense is its skin calming properties. IDP is clinically proven to prevent acne lesions, with a 54% reduction in redness, and is effective and non-irritating to sensitive skin.
You don’t need to go hard to prevent acne

It can be tempting to go for harsh, drying products in an effort to combat acne. But for mild-to-moderate acne, it’s better to be gentle.

Epiology’s Anti-Acne Foaming Cleanser washes away bacteria and oil leaving skin clean and smooth. Clinically proven to prevent acne, the Advanced Anti-Acne Cream contains the powerful IDP® ingredient, which is a powerful natural defense shown to prevent the spread of acne bacteria, and reduce skin redness and irritation. The Extra Strength Spot Gel is a double strength powerful gel formula that penetrates deeply to prevent formation of pimples and reduce scarring.


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