Looking after your skin in winter

When the temperature drops and the weather turns to rain, storms and even snow, your skin can start to feel the adverse effects of winter. It’s common for the season’s elements to wreak havoc on your skin, making it dry, itchy and irritated.

Whether you’re inside or outside, it can feel like you can’t win; the cold, blustery conditions outside can leave your skin feeling sore, while indoor heat can take away the moisture from your skin, leaving it dry and raw.

And as the cold sets in, you might find yourself spending a few extra minutes in the shower, or taking a nice long bath, but be aware that hot water can dry out your skin, as does getting cosy in front of the fire.

While it may seem like winter and everything that comes with it is a minefield for your skin, by taking care with your skin routine (and making sure you have one!) you can combat the effects of the colder months and keep your skin hydrated and soft.

In winter, it’s all about keeping your skin moisturised and clear. While the active ingredient in Epiology, IDP®, acts as a powerful shield against infection, penetrating deep into the pores of stubborn spots to control acne bacteria, there’s another hero ingredient at work; glycerine.

Glycerine is a natural component of healthy skin, and works to hydrate the skin to make it smooth, nourished and soft. It does this by pulling water into the outer layer of your skin from the deeper dermal layers and the air, essentially trapping the moisture to keep it hydrated.

By using Epiology’s 3 step system, especially the Advanced Anti-Acne Cream, you’ll be giving your skin the best chance to stay hydrated and happy.

If your skin needs a little extra help, try our Recovery Mask to rescue and restore your skin, helping to maintain a youthful appearance with the benefits of both IDP® and hyaluronic acid. The combination of these ingredients revitalises troubled skin caused by acne breakouts and soothes issues caused by other acne products. It’s also proven to comfort and protect skin from the effects of environmental pollution, to maintain a healthy skin balance.

Winter is a great time for pampering yourself, as we’re often stuck inside while the weather goes haywire, so stock up on a mask, get your nail kit ready and plan an hour of me-time.

Despite it being very much not bikini weather, it’s also still important to include sun protection in your daily skincare routine. It’s best to look for one that contains moisturiser to keep your skin protected and hydrated, used alongside your Epiology products.

Some non-skincare tips to keep your skin happy and healthy during winter include limiting that shower time and temperature, leaving the heating thermostat at a comfortable temperature (not 28°C+!), wearing non-irritating fabrics with a focus on breathable materials, and changing out of wet clothing quickly to avoid irritation.

And as we discussed in a previous article on foods to boost your skin, what you take in your body can help keep your skin nourished. Eating lots of fresh fruit, vegetables and unprocessed foods is the way to go.


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